We use improvised acting as one of the core fundamentals to acting training in the department. Whether you are in an acting class or working on one of the many productions throughout the year, you will most likely be doing some improv.


Here are some great links to games you can play in your classes (cause we always like a new game) or that you can play with your fellow cast members as a warmup.

DO... trust your first instinct or thought and commit to it. There is no wrong in improvisation (as long as you follow the rules of the game.)

DO... listen. It's up to you to respond!
Do accept everything on stage. To deny what another says or does will disrupt the flow and will limit the chances to practice problem solving.


DO... be considerate of other players. Everyone has the right to contribute in improvisation.

DO... speak to be heard. Believe in what you have to say.

DO... relax. Brains work more efficiently when they aren't stressed out.

DO... show respect to your audience. Relying on vulgarities is an non-creative cop-out (See first "do").

DO... have FUN. It's what improvisation is all about.


Lists of Games



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