1.) Keep the script to 10 mintes or less.
2.) Keep the cast of characters to 4 or less
3.) Keep the technical requirements to a minimum.

Student Written and Student Directed One Act Plays

By far the best tradition we have in our department!

Each Fall, Winter and Spring we hold a writing contest in the school to find the best student written One Act plays. We host a one night festivals in Oct, Dec, and May.

All submissions go through critique and revisions before they are allowed to be presented. We hold a round of open auditions.The shows are cast and either the writers become the directors or there are directors assigned to each one act play. All plays are required to have a stage manager.

We encourage ALL students to enter the contest...submit early!


One-Act Festivals

Accepting SCRIPTS!!!   


Look at the guidelines above for help or stop by the theater off and ask any question you may have. We are happy to help you get started.

ALL Playwrights

Please send all entries to Mr. Schaefer's mailbox or by dropping it off in person in the Theater Office next to Room #158.


Click on the following link
- Each Writer can choose to direct their own play or assign a director if their play is chosen to be in the line up.
-Then the director/writer must assign a stage manager to help with their production. This person will help in rehearsals with lines, blocking notes, schedules and tech notes.
- Each director/writer must provide two scripts for the Light and Sound operators with cues marked (see Kate Becker or Joe Castleman for details on this)
ACTORS: Be sure to bring all conflicts to the director of your one act.
- Rehearsals are held off campus over a period of about a month.
-Directors are responsible for organizing their cast and leading all of the rehearsals.
-Check ins are scheduled starting two weeks before the festival. Dress Rehearsal is usually two days before the performance.
-You will have 2 check ins, and 1 (1/2 hour) dress rehearsal to tech your show on the Stage.



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